Standing On The Sun 2015

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Hey Birds... Monica here and IT IS SPRING! 

IT is 2015 and so far so FABULOUS :D this year is looking amazing for Birds Of Chona and I hope this is the same for you all. Expect exciting things, from GLORIOUS outfits to FUN FILLED POSTS. Glad to have your views and WE WANT TO HEAR from you. 

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Thank goodness for some sun. The title of this post is inspired by Beyoncé- Standing On The Sun, that is my sunshine song :D. This dress is an original design from the Birds Of Chona Collection. I was inspired by the AMAZING Solange Knowles (it is all about the Knowles Family). I wanted something classic but sexy, the cut is a perfect mid, just above the knee (my Grandmother would be proud "very dignified" as she would say LOL). I wanted to upgrade my look and design something for the up and coming grown women, such as myself. I have been meaning to post some pictures and now that we have a little bit of sunshine, this is the perfect time. 

I paired the dress with a black long coat from Mango (which I live in, literally wear this coat everyday, I love it). The coat is there because the weather in London is unpredictable, plus it is chilly :D. However HAPPY TO SEE SOME SUN regardless. 

Enjoy the pictures, feel free to comment and ask questions x 

Dress: Birds Of Chona

Coat: Mango 

Shoes: H&M 

Watch: Casio 

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