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Happy Galentines or Valentines Day
And No that is not a Typo. Apparently the latest trend is to celebrate your Girlfriends the Day before Valentines day on 13th February. Well we the ladies at BOC celebrate All kinds of Love whether its Lovers, Family or Friends. The most important being with loving yourself first and foremost. Its always important to celebrate what we bring to the table and being at peace with oneself is the most satisfying feeling in the world. No one can be You. It is knowing that you are enough and just dealing with life's challenges as they come along and knowing that Life will never be Perfect. Learning to live in this moment and appreciate being Alive here and now.

Today we are sharing Monica's oufit which is inspired by her love of simplicity but with an edge. She paired her metallic Monki skirt purchased in Copenhagen with a must have Striped top and metallic plimsolls.

Skirt: Monki 

Top: Urban Outfitters

Shoes: Asos

So To Everyone We wish You a Happy Valentines Day and hope that You show love to all your Loved Ones and Not Just today.xoxo
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