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Hello Folks another post just to show how much we birds are loving the Hot Weather right now. London has been brilliant and the Sun has been shining Non stop for the last couple of weeks. We took a quick trip to Central London and wanted to share some photos captured using Paddy's Samsung S5 as we forgot our beloved Canon 600D at home. There was also some lovely Art Work on the Walls of the meeting location we were having and couldnt resist taking a few photos alongside them. Bubu pulled off some lovely accents of Red with her outfit which went well with her new fresh summery pixie haircut. We took a walk around Carnaby Street and stopped by few shops to sniff some new perfumes along the way and had dinner at Comptoir Lebanais which served some lovely tasting Lebanese food.

"Tony Kitous – credited with putting the glamour into Middle Eastern cuisine at his Levant, Pasha and Kenza restaurants – now brings Lebanese home-style dishes to the High Street with his Comptoir Libanais canteens and delicatessens.

It’s an idea that’s been brewing in his mind for some time. As Tony says, “It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. It’s food that’s affordable and easy to know – healthy, light and you can enjoy it every day of the week. Comptoir Libanais means Lebanesse counter and that’s exactly what it is: somewhere you can eat casually, with no fuss.”

More photos of the other Birds coming soon to the blog.x

Top: H&M

Skirt: Birds Of Chona (Vintage Collection)

Shoes: Croydon Boutique

Necklace: Beads from Dar Es Salam
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