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Birds Of Chona Dress

Dress: Birds of Chona

Shoes: Zara

Bag: Gifted


Hey Guys 
We are back with Bubu rocking a Dress Designed and Made by Us. Rather Sadly Our President Micheal Sata died in London last week and we pray His Soul Rests in Peace. The very thing that binds us is Our Grandfather who was very active in Politics. He is the Inspiration for this blog as he was the First Lawyer in Zambia and might we add served as Prime Minister too amongst other notable roles. He played a key role in Zambia's Independence which we celebrated last week too.We decided to keep his Legacy Alive how we know best and that is represented in our fashion. As with the recent posts of White recently you shall see more of 'Birds' literally translated to each of our individual style. Chona from our Name comes from him Mainza Chona. There is a wealth of  Information available from which is Run by Our Uncle in Canada Mr Tom Chona so please do visit the site by clicking the link above. You will be amazed by how interesting a life our Grandfather lived.
Here Buumba designed this Dress and wore it with Zara Court shoes and a Green Snakeskin clutch bag. Her red hair just so happened to match her Dress too. 
Have a Great Day Folks.xoxo

Birds Of Chona

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