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My Nicki Minaj Pose

Hey guys Its been awhile since we posted so I (Jowie) thought I'd quickly post my favorite Midi Dress in some photos we took not too long ago. Spring has been up and down with the weather being absolutely fabulous one day and absolutely dreadful the next like Thunder, Lightening and Hail Stones. This dress is my go to dress for when I cant quite figure out what to wear and it has ignited my love for form fitting Midi dresses (Form fitting including my beloved spanx). Hopefully by the time Summer holidays come round there will actually sunshine to rave about. I recently bought my 1st Beauty Box which was a limited edition one from Latest in Beauty and was a collaboration with British Beauty Blogger and contained all her favourite brands and was real value for money as it contained 15 products including a few full size ones. It was so good it sold out in less than 24 hours and thats all 2000 Boxes. Talk about Brand Power but being one of the original beauty bloggers I really value her opinion on Brands and its a one off type box that she does when she feels like so its not random products in there shoved in and I not really a beauty enthusiast to order a monthly box. Though I have seen a few boxes from Glossy or Birch box which have been tempting but I think I'll hold on these boxes until Soap & Glory start doing them then am taking back what I just said.

Dress: Karma Clothing 
Shoes: New Look 
Nails: Barry M Berry Ice Cream 
Earrings: Forever 21 
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