Jet-setting Bubu

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Marrakech, Maroc xx

Zanzibar xx

Langkawi island, Malaysia xx

Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania xx

island of Tobago xx

West Sussex xx

If there's one thing I have learnt about myself it's that I love new things. I enjoy trends. I am forever having a clear out, out with the old and in with the new, yaaaaas! Discovering new cities and the history behind them is another passion of mine. A change of setting is so wonderful to me therefore I travel as much as I can. Nothing beats shopping and travelling whilst being a mum and Registered Nurse. African elements inspire me greatly, the beauty, scenary, fabric, food, music, culture, history, books...the list is pretty much endless.

                                                        Name: Bubu

                                  Location: London. Paris. Lusaka. Dar es salaam

                                                            Age: 30

                                           Favourite Music: Afrobeats

                                            Favourite Food: Seafood

                                   Secret Identity: Undercover dance Queen

                                     Favourite Shop: Zara, Bikbok, Farfetch

                                                 Favourite number: 4

                                            Guilty pleasure: Perfumenista

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